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"We never could have expected the fantastic outcome you helped achieve for us. Aside from the financial result (which far exceeded our expectations), you found us an exceptional buyer. Other M&A Advisors we spoke to would have sold us to a local competitor, but your thoughtful approach took the process to the next level by introducing us to top-tier Private Equity firms and Strategic Buyers. We are thrilled with the outcome and couldn’t have done it without you."
Ed and Nancy M.
"Kevin is amazing to work with. Without a doubt, his most valuable trait is his responsiveness. He would respond to my calls, texts, and emails in what seemed like an instant. He is very knowledgeable and made our experience so much better than I could have imagined. Kevin helped us sell our business and property for more than we expected. We received multiple offers and he guided us through the entire process on an accelerated timeline. I would highly recommend Kevin, he is a pleasure to work with and gets your goals accomplished."
Laura R.
"Kevin’s work in creating financial projections and establishing a valuation for my SAAS-based CRM platform helped me to address investor questions about valuation and deal structure as well as solidify my thinking around how to best structure our operation. Kevin continues to take an active interest in our business helping me stay informed with relevant and timely information related to industry & market trends, competitors and valuation. I look forward to working with Kevin again and would recommend him to any company seeking help with developing business plans, financial projections, or valuation."
David A.
"Kevin created a valuation for my law firm and I could not have been more satisfied. Kevin is a skilled professional who thinks outside the box. He carefully analyzed various financial scenarios and made his work and process tangible so I could easily understand it. Aside from his expertise, Kevin is personable and easy to talk to. He made himself available, answered questions, calls, and emails promptly. Kevin is smart and thoughtful, and his advice is grounded both in smart business and what this decision would have meant for my 'big picture.' I'm forever grateful for his guidance."
Dina E.
"I found Kevin to be a very detailed visionary — which is a combination I don't often run across. He had extreme forethought pointing out components that our business wouldn't need for many years yet were imperative to include in a very comprehensive business plan, his financial projections were top-notch and well researched, his referrals were rock solid (and we ended up working with many of them) and delivered his end of the project on or ahead of schedule every step of the way. He is consistent, professional, ethical, creative and trustworthy. I expect to bring him in on future projects for a long time to come."
Cindy C.


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"Kevin created a financial plan for my firm while we were rolling out a new software product, attracting investors, and planning for a big year. We still had some unanswered questions on how to get our plan into action financially, and Kevin came through in a big way. His analysis was detailed, thorough, and covered ground that we hadn't thought of. He's a great communicator, and he gave us valuable strategic insights while refining our plans. I highly recommend his services if you're looking to make big strides forward with your business"
Olivia W.
"Kevin was instrumental in helping launch a new business which is now called Creative District. Kevin lead the team that reviewed market trends and engaged with prospective clients to define this opportunity. He then developed a business plan which allowed us to obtain funding from Technicolor. Kevin is incredibly talented and a great person to be around. He is hard working, smart, funny and overall an incredible partner. "
Alejandro G.
"Kevin was professional and knowledgeable during the business search, negotiation and closing processes. He is easy to work with while persevering through any challenge. Kevin helped me change my professional life as he helped me get into a business I've always wanted to be in. I would be happy to work with him again and consider him a friend."
Matt K.
"When I decided to sell the business, I had no idea on where to start. I got turned onto Kevin ... by a friend who had just successfully sold his business utilizing Kevin's services. Calling Kevin was the BEST move I made! He walked me step-by-step through the entire process! He is very passionate about what he does and he is always easily accessible. Take my word and call Kevin if you are thinking about selling your business. You can thank me later!! "
Justus N.

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