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Top 3 Books of 2022

Each year, I set a goal of reading 15 books (I’m currently at 14.)  My favorite subjects tend to be business, negotiation, psychology, comedy, and sports. My 2021 favorites were Sapiens, The Ride of a Lifetime, and Never Split the Difference. Of the books I read in 2022, the following three stand out as the most exceptional. The Nineties by

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M&A Due Diligence – Your Business Colonoscopy 

Buyer due diligence is arguably the most critical step in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) process.  Before a buyer writes you a large check, the buyer will engage financial, tax, legal, insurance, and other specialists to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your business to validate that the business is ‘as represented,’ and to ensure post-closing

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How Do M&A Advisors Add Value?

Entrepreneurs excel at figuring things out independently, whether building a team, opening a new office, or launching a product. So when it’s time to sell their businesses, many entrepreneurs attempt to do it themselves. However, before you decide to go it alone, consider the following benefits M&A Advisors provide: M&A Advisors increase valuation. A Portland

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M&A Transactions Earn-Outs Definition

Ins and Outs of Earn-Outs

Previously we reviewed the leading killer of M&A transactions—poor financials.[JB1]  Today, we’ll shift gears and talk about earn-outs, a M&A concept that can help save deals. What Is an Earn-Out? When I represent sellers of businesses with a track record of generating consistent revenue and cash flow, buyers will generally pay the vast majority of

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