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A Cautionary Tale – Why Exit Planning is Essential

Last week, I read about the unexpected passing of the late-30’s CEO of a rapidly growing consumer products company. The CEO’s tragic death left the company grappling with a leadership vacuum and financial instability, illustrating the critical importance of having a robust exit strategy.   Without a predefined exit or succession plan, the company struggled to

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Why 2024 May Be the Perfect Time for Family-Owned Businesses to Exit

If you are considering selling your lower-middle market business (revenues between $5M-$100M), now may be the perfect time to start preparing. It is reported that 70% of lower-middle market businesses are projected to change hands in the next decade and it’s imperative that business owners are prepared to capitalize.  This is an even greater challenge

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What is Exit Planning and Why Is It Important?

Baby Boomers own two-thirds of U.S. businesses. Over the next decade, these owners will transition out of their businesses—whether they are prepared to or not. Statistics show that only 20%-30% of businesses that go to market actually sell. This leaves 70%-80% of enterprises stranded without solid options for owners to transition their wealth and secure

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Why Do Some M&A Deals Die?

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) deals can fail due to various reasons. Trust between the parties involved is the key factor that determines the success of a deal, which is typically established over the 8–12-month deal lifecycle. While an M&A advisory firm can help increase the likelihood of success, several factors can erode trust and lead

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