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The Top 6 Seller Misconceptions in Mergers & Acquisitions

Recently, we looked at the number one reason why M&A deals die—poor financials. Now we’ll explore common seller misconceptions about the M&A process that can lead to costly mistakes. Seller Perception: “Buyers will value my business based on its potential.” The reality is that, for most established businesses under $50M in revenue, buyers make offers

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How Do M&A Advisors Add Value?

Entrepreneurs excel at figuring things out independently, whether building a team, opening a new office, or launching a product. So when it’s time to sell their businesses, many entrepreneurs attempt to do it themselves. However, before you decide to go it alone, consider the following benefits M&A Advisors provide: M&A Advisors increase valuation. A Portland

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M&A Transactions Earn-Outs Definition

Ins and Outs of Earn-Outs

Previously we reviewed the leading killer of M&A transactions—poor financials.[JB1]  Today, we’ll shift gears and talk about earn-outs, a M&A concept that can help save deals. What Is an Earn-Out? When I represent sellers of businesses with a track record of generating consistent revenue and cash flow, buyers will generally pay the vast majority of

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M&A Due Diligence – Your Business Colonoscopy 

Buyer due diligence is arguably the most critical step in the Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) process.  Before a buyer writes you a large check, the buyer will engage financial, tax, legal, insurance, and other specialists to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your business to validate that the business is ‘as represented,’ and to ensure post-closing

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Case Study: Power Plumbing

Background Founded in 1987, Power Plumbing provides plumbing services to residential, commercial and Homeowner’s Association (HOA) customers.  The owners were in their early 60’s and were looking to sell their family business and transition into retirement.  The owners have four sons who had all gone into different professions and therefore concluded that their best path

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Case Study: Precision Metal Fabrication

Background Founded in 1979, AF Machine fabricates precision metal parts for the aerospace and defense industries.   The company has direct relationships with Raytheon, Boeing, Northrop, Nasa, and SpaceX and is ITAR registered.  The sellers had inherited the business when their father passed away.  The sellers were approaching retirement age and were not sure what

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