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Kinected Advisors was founded in 2014 with the objective of helping business owners increase the value of their companies and ultimately sell for maximum value on their terms.  We are a high-performing, high-touch, multi-disciplined team that leverages our decades of Mergers and Acquisitions, consulting and corporate leadership experience to achieve successful outcomes for clients.

Clients share perspectives about their experiences working with us on their recent successful transactions. Businesses sold include: Commercial Label Printing, Precision Aerospace Parts Fabrication and Environmental Consulting.

Our Services


Sell-Side M&A Advisory

We serve as ‘deal quarterback’​, overseeing all details required to prepare for and successfully close transactions.


Opinions of Value

We provide clients an economical way to understand the real market value of their businesses.


Business Consulting

We help clients implement financial and operational improvements to maximize business value.


Kinected Advisors helps business owners secure their legacies and transition into early retirement on their terms by:

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Updated Headshot - Kevin Berson

KEvin Berson

Founder & President


Jim Twerdahl

M&A Advisor

Peter Harrington TSA_7210

Peter Harrington

Finance Advisor

Spector Pic - Full

Sarah Spector

Finance Advisor

Joe Cane

Joe Cane

Corporate Attorney

Robert Sniderman Headshot

Robert Sniderman

HR Advisor


amy Johson


Brenda Morris

Brenda Morris




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